5/3/20 - Can we fix this?

It's a small thing really but it's bugged me for a long time.  This poor old sign is pretty beat up AND it's wrong.  It's the "Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center" (WCFETC) not "Wake County Firearms Training and Education Center" (WCFTEC).

The sign is on New Hill Road just behind the Target store. It's maybe 40 yards or so before turning right onto Old Holly Springs Apex Road if you're heading west-ish.

I would interpret fixing this sign to read correctly as an indication that the county and the state have not abandoned the range.  I know they have much bigger problems to tend to right now and we all wish them the best with the task ahead but it would be nice if they could squeeze this little anomaly into their range re-opening plans.

We'll keep you posted as events allow.

Ya'll stay safe out there.