04/29/22 - Redirect to the Mother Ship


Hey everybody - 

We're going to be re-directing the WakeRange.com URL in a couple weeks so if you're looking for the Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center please be sure to bookmark the link below.  


Ya'll be safe and have fun!



9/28/20 - It's finally opening!

The WCFETC home page was updated with all kinds of stuff about the range opening today.  You will be able to shoot starting on Friday but there are a few hoops to jump through first.  You have to watch a safety video and get an annual membership card. Once you have a card, you'll need a reservation.  Yup, you'll need to make a reservation and follow Covid protocols. It's going to be confusing at first but it might actually work out kinda nice in the long run.  Time will tell.  

And speaking of time, it's about time to put this blog to rest.  If it actually comes to pass and the range is finally open to the public again there is little reason for it to continue save for nostalgia so I'll probably close it down next week sometime.  Thanks to all who made these events possible and kept faith in the public's ability to shoot at the Wake Range.  

See you at the range...


09-27-20 - Well lookie here...

The WCFETC Wildlife website says that the range will be opening Friday October 2nd.  Hopefully, more details will follow soon. Good news it seems.  We'll soon see. 

I, for one, will be watching the sign for signs. 

06/13/20 - A "Bustle in your Hedgerow"

You'd certainly be forgiven if you gave up on this little blog, it's been quiet for awhile now. There really hasn't been much to talk about, until today.

The Wildlife Resources Commission has re-opened many of the outdoor public ranges back up and shooters are already back.  There's a pretty helpful list of what's opening and when HERE.  Three opened today, one opens next Saturday but no date yet for the WCFETC range.  It's bound to happen eventually. Hopefully, we're next. 

As always, we'll let you know if there's something going on.  Be safe.