New Shooter Resources

Resources are plentiful in the gun world.  Here's a few to get you started.  
Remember, it's a journey not a destination. 

Places to Shoot

WRC Range Map

This is an excellent resource showing public, private and Wildlife Resources ranges in the state .  Each spot has a hover that has phone numbers, addresses, hours and facilities listed.  A really good bookmark for any shooter.

MultiMedia Resources

GunTalk.tv  (Video and Podcast)

Training by Humans


From practical pistol to tactical rifle, these guys can do it all.   

Travon Barrino - 336-491-2679

Excellent introductory training with a suburban focus taught by a thoughtful and caring instructor.


RLN Gunsmithing  

Professional Gunsmithing services by a Certified Master Gunsmith


Big Oak Coatings

It's one thing to hose your gat down with a rattle-can, it's another thing entirely to create a custom work of art.  Ron Oakley is a true artist with a firearm.  If you want to make your gun a single color or cover it in eye-catching brilliance, Ron's your guy. 

If you'd like to see a particular resource or business listed here, please email your preferred copy and link to Profoundman@gmail.com.  We'll get it posted for you!