06/13/20 - A "Bustle in your Hedgerow"

You'd certainly be forgiven if you gave up on this little blog, it's been quiet for awhile now. There really hasn't been much to talk about, until today.

The Wildlife Resources Commission has re-opened many of the outdoor public ranges back up and shooters are already back.  There's a pretty helpful list of what's opening and when HERE.  Three opened today, one opens next Saturday but no date yet for the WCFETC range.  It's bound to happen eventually. Hopefully, we're next. 

As always, we'll let you know if there's something going on.  Be safe.


  1. Mac is extending his range at Frontline Defense now.

  2. Not really. Recall that the range shuts down for the month of August for lead abatement. Seems kinda' pointless to open one time before having to close down again for a month. Best guess is now September.

    Good grief!

    1. Why didn't they do the lead abatement during the whole time it was closed?

  3. Though the range has been closed to the public since January it is still in daily use by the Sheriff's Department. Lead abatement requires a complete shutdown and has always been scheduled for August when it's the hottest outside.


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